2,100 native plants and fruit trees deliver the Chimborazo Prefecture to the San Clemente community

As part of the “Sow for Life Chimborazo” campaign, the Provincial Government, through the Environmental Management Directorate, delivered 2,100 native plants and fruit trees to the San Clemente community, Cubijíes parish, Riobamba, in an area that is highly agricultural.

“The objective of Mr. Prefect is to help each area of ​​Chimborazo, we have a variety of plants that will be delivered,” said Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management.

Among the native plants delivered are: cedar, guarango and red alder, while the fruit species are: Claudia, peach, lemon and custard apple.

Diego Satán, president of the San Clemente community, recognized the importance of receiving the plants, taking into account that both types of species need to be planted in the area.

“Here the field is quite agricultural, during the health emergency we do not stop working to bring the products to the city, so it is important to receive the plants. Thank you Mr. Prefect, you are young people ”, expressed Satan.

For her part, María Daquilema, 84 years old, an older adult, upon receiving the plant assured that “she has never received this type of help in her community before and thanked the prefecture for the management, which allowed through the commercialization of The products that are harvested in due course will boost the economy for his family ”, he emphasized.

“In my old age, receiving this fills me with joy, before nobody cared about us (…) I live alone with my daughter and this helps us a lot because my husband passed away a year ago,” she concluded.

The objective of the campaign is to green the entire province, which each year suffers the serious consequences of forest fires.