30 km of road maintenance is carried out in Cebadas of the Guamote canton

This week road maintenance work began in the communities of the Cebadas parish in the Guamote canton; It is planned to intervene 30 km in 3 sectors, benefiting more than 2,400 families that live in this area of ​​high milk production in the province.

It began in the parish center up to the Utucún community, at a distance of 15.5 km, benefiting more than 800 families from the Guarón, Guanilche, Tablillas, Rosaspamba, Yacuguiñay, Curiquingue, Sanjaloma and Utucún sectors.

Subsequently, 9km will be intervened to facilitate the transit of 800 families from the Bazán Chico, Bazán Grande, Gosoy, Tranca San Luis, Tranca Pucará, San Alberto, Guarguallá Grande and Guarguallá Chico communities.

On the other hand, from Punto Cero to the Ozogoche Bajo Bridge, it is planned to intervene 13.5 km, benefiting 600 families from these 2 communities. “One of the main objectives of the Provincial Government of Chimborazo is to provide new development opportunities to each of the families of this parish that have not had the support of other authorities,” said Angélica Sánchez, Technician of the Provincial Government.

For Miguel Ángel Naula, the best tool that can be delivered to the rural sector are roads in good condition, “this allows us to improve production and transport products in good condition to the different markets in the country,” said Miguel Angel Naula, a resident of the Guanilche community.

In the Tablillas community they recognize that interventions are an opportunity for progress for the parish. “We are happy with the machinery that is working in our communities, we have always managed but they never helped us, now thanks to the prefecture, today we have the opportunity to have roads in good condition and be able to move anywhere without problems,” Pascual pointed out. Lojano Ayol, inhabitant of the sector.