Assistance in general medicine and dentistry is provided by the Medical Brigade Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees in the Santa Rosa de Chicho Bajo community

The Mobile Medical Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees, in its tour of the parish capitals and rural communities, went to Santa Rosa de Chicho Bajo, belonging to the Achupallas parish of the Alausí canton to provide medical services in the specialties of dentistry and general medicine.

Carmen Gadvay, vice-prefect of Chimborazo, commented that, “by order of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, we tirelessly continue providing professional assistance to vulnerable groups and people with limited economic resources, reaching the most remote corners of the province”.

Santiago Pazán, doctor at the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, treated 35 patients who encountered intestinal diseases, parasitosis, arthritis, low back pain, gastritis, mycosis, pharyngitis, and after the evaluation, totally free medicines were delivered for their respective treatments.

Luis Naranjo, dentist, provided assistance to 19 patients (boys, girls, adolescents and the elderly) from Santa Rosa de Chicho Bajo and Alto and San Ramón, to whom he performed dental extractions and preventive dentistry and received free medical care and medicine.

María Antonia Bravo, beneficiary of this medical attention, thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, for having sent the medical brigade, “thank you very much for having treated us in a timely manner, the doctors have been very patient, God pay them for worry about our health, “he said.

Ricardo Ortega, resident of the community, was satisfied with the presence of the doctors of the Provincial Board, “how good that the Doctors arrived because there are many sick people and they cannot leave their homes to the city or to a Health Sub-center, this it is a great help for us, “he said.