Association of bitumen workers work safer with implements delivered by the Chimborazo Prefecture

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Occupational Safety Management Unit, delivered biosecurity kits to the 14 members of the “12 de Abril” Shoemakers Association of Riobamba, who provide their services in the “La Estación” neighborhood.

In total, of all the kits that were delivered, there are 14 biosafety suits, 14 containers with alcohol, 140 masks (face masks) and 14 full protective face masks.

“We know how risky their work is and even more so at this time, that is why we cannot leave them helpless and as always the Prefecture thinking about the well-being and safety of each person who sacrifices to bring daily bread to their homes, today we are making this delivery, ”said Darwin Acuña, head of the Occupational Safety Management Unit.

The Association is made up of 4 women and 10 men, who every day expose themselves to the virus due to their hard work, with the aim of bringing their families their daily bread, trying to boost their economy, which in this time has hit to all sectors.

“We are grateful to the Government of the Province, in his head of Doctor Juan Pablo Cruz, for the immediacy with which he attended to our request, in just one day it was managed and today we have these kits that are of great help to protect our health,” he said. Diego Benalcazar, president of the Association of Shoemakers April 12.

For their part, the members recognized that during the pandemic no authority has cared about them, knowing their risky work. “Thank you Mr. Prefect for these kits, nobody has helped us before and today you do.”

Some of the members of the association are seniors, so the kits will help them prevent possible infections.