Authorities detailed the incidents that occurred outside the Chimborazo Prefecture on Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Four officials of the Chimborazo Prefecture gave a press conference, in which the incidents that occurred during the morning and afternoon of Tuesday, October 27, 2020, were detailed, due to a congregation of citizens who participated in a march in which they were also present; a mayor, a deputy mayor, a councilor and 6 presidents of Rural Parish Governments, of 10 municipalities and 45 Parish Governments that the province has.

“Yesterday we witnessed a non-peaceful march, since there were moments of aggression and violence (…) against officials who were working normally. A death fair was being held that was interrupted, a worker from the institution was attacked (…) and even so we allowed them to enter to have a dialogue, ”said Luis Falconí, a provincial government official.

It was explained that, during the meeting, the leaders presented their proposals, for their part, the representatives of the Prefecture detailed point by point the ordinance that talks about the designation of powers, approved in 2011 by the previous administration, it was not respected and causes confusion at current levels of government.

“Before, competencies were handed out without respecting the norm, it was generally in breach of the articles (…) it is not that they do not want to work, on the contrary, we are an open-door prefecture and we are willing to move the province forward, but let’s be ordered (…) present their projects, it must be analyzed if they are capable of doing so and that’s it, we act as auditors because they are exclusive competences ”, clarified César Robles, Trustee.

During the meeting, the leaders demanded that the budget allocation to the Rural Parish Governments be fulfilled, however, it was explained that due to the pandemic the figure had to be reduced due to the current crisis that the country is experiencing, including; cut for the Provincial Governments and, in addition, the debt that the state maintains with the Provincial Government.

“One of the leaders said that in the pandemic we had to foresee, just as with this global pandemic, nobody knew that something like this was going to happen (…) it is recalled that in 2019 was the first time that the Provincial Government, in all years , allocated 70 thousand dollars of participatory budget for the Parish Governments, without any distinction ”, said Falconí.