Road works advance in the Calpi parish to facilitate the transport of agricultural products

Machinery of the Prefecture of Chimborazo continues to carry out road maintenance works in the Calpi parish, belonging to Riobamba, in a length of 15.9 km, which includes the communities of San Francisco de Cunuguachay, Palacio Real, Nitiluisa, La Moya, Rumicruz and Jatari Peasant.

“It is important that these works carried out by the Provincial Government in each of the parishes and communities, be strengthened in favor of the inhabitants (…) now in this area, farmers have facilities to transport their products,” said Jonathan Paucar, Technician of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.

With this intervention, more than 4,000 families living in this agricultural and livestock sector of the province benefit. “Now we calmly go up to our land with the cars, because when the rains come, there are even traffic accidents,” said Eugenio Castro, a resident of Rumicruz.

The provincial institution continues to work for the benefit of the inhabitants of the 10 cantons of Chimborazo, to improve the quality of life of families.

“During 2021, in Riobamba, nearly 160km have been intervened, benefiting more than 50,000 inhabitants of various rural parishes and peripheral neighborhoods,” said Tatiana Orozco, Public Works Technician.