Home medical brigade prevents and safeguards the health of older adults in Cumandá

The health brigade of the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, applied intravenous vitamin supplements, delivered medicine kits and carried out medical evaluations at home, to the elderly of the Gerontological Center “Virgen de Los Dolores” of the cantonal head of Cumandá. The doctors went to the homes, located in the neighborhoods of Los Ángeles, Avenida de Los Puentes, 9 de Diciembre, La Marina, Planta Baja and La Dolorosa; in addition, they carried out attentions in the Cascajal and San Pablo precincts. 30 vitamin supplements were given to older adults and also to people who need this drug, to boost their immune systems. “He congratulated the work of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, for sending the doctors, it is good that they take care of the elderly, thank you for taking an interest in our health,” said Manuel Ángel Viñán, 70 years old. The Gerontological Center “Virgen de Los Dolores” of Cumandá, provides comprehensive care in the daytime modality and home care, through an agreement between the MIES and the Municipal GAD.