In the face of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 ´Coronavirus´, the technical staff and nursery educators of the Board of Trustees of the Chimborazo Prefecture, together with the coordinators of the MIES Child Development Centers (CDI), continue with their daily activities through the modality of Telework, maintaining direct contact with the parents of the beneficiary children.

Héctor Endara, CDI technician from the Provincial Government Board of Trustees announced that the work carried out in the homes of each infant is due to prior planning by the educators; These tasks are carried out at home and then be sent via the internet.

Activities that infants must do daily include exercises to develop fine motor skills and gross motor skills. In this way, children perfect their movements, exercise their balance and coordination.

Endara stressed that parallel to these activities, training workshops are planned in coordination with the coordinators of the CDI, aimed at preschool educators, with the aim of evaluating them, reinforcing their knowledge and reflecting on the importance of initial education in the training process. of the kids.

“Sharing with educators issues of educational and social interest, in order to improve daily activities in Child Development Centers will always be a priority,” Endara concluded.

Writing: Arturo Lara