Chimborazo Prefect delivers fruit plants to 500 families from Riobamba and Penipe

The prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz delivered fruit plants to nearly 500 families in the Riobamba and Penipe cantons, with the aim of contributing to the reactivation of the economy of its inhabitants.

In the San Vicente de Tiaso community, in the San Luis parish, in the Riobamba canton, and in the cantonal capital of Penipe, the province’s first authority delivered the fruit plants as part of the “Socio-Economic Strengthening for Families” project. of Priority Groups ”, promoted by the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, with the fundamental objective of improving the living conditions of this vulnerable group.

In San Luis there are 250 beneficiary families belonging to the rural communities of San Antonio, Guaslán Grande, Corazón de Jesús, San Vicente de Tiaso and La Candelaria. Each family received a kit of 30 fruit species.

In Penipe there are 214 favored families, belonging to the cantonal head and the Bayushig parish. Each family received a kit of 38 fruit plants including “Emilia” apples, peaches, lemons, avocados and claudias.

The prefect Juan Pablo Cruz and the vice-prefect Carmen Gadbay, carried out the symbolic delivery of the fruit plants to the families as an aid that allows reinforcing food security and also so that they can generate economic income with the commercialization of fruit production.

For the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz, the delivery of fruit plants is not only within the environmental objectives, but also of productive promotion, “because what we are delivering is not only life, because a plant is life, but it is delivering a new alternative to change the mono crops that we have, a certain alternative to open new crops ”.

He explained that fruit plants are part of the project “Planting for the Life of Chimborazo and stressed that this project is being fulfilled in a first phase, and that in the second stage, within the objectives of the change of the productive matrix, it will continue with this alternative working in favor of the farmers and ranchers of the province. Isabel Maldonado, General Director of Management of the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, indicated that fruit plants are being delivered in different rural communities in the province, in order to strengthen the socio-economic conditions of the chimboracenses families. “Attention to priority groups is one of the aims of the Board of Trustees and fruit trees will be of great benefit to generate productivity in our province, because with the issue of the health emergency we are experiencing, what we need right now is to reactivate the provincial economy ” Writing: Arturo Lara