Chimborazo Prefecture and the media confirmed the progress of road work on the Quebrada, Las Abras-San Pedro road

Through a tour with the media, the prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz and the vice-prefect, Carmen Gadvay, verified the progress of the asphalting work of the Quebrada, Las Abras – San Pedro Phase 1 road, which has a length of 2.1 kilometers.

“It will be the bypass between the mesh of the barracks and the main access road between the canton Riobamba and Guano (…), a work that alleviates traffic in the areas and generates new development poles (…). There is a direct and indirect benefit of at least 10,000 people ”, indicated Cruz.

The road is in the process of building the base, sub-base, curbs, gutters, arches, culverts and compaction to later place the asphalt layer. This work has a referential budget of USD 325,531.9328.

In addition, procedures have been carried out with Empresa Eléctrica Riobamba S.A., to be able to illuminate the entire road and thus provide security for all who pass through the sector.

“This route has been done in a consensual way with the inhabitants, depending on the needs. We are sure that it will have a good use by citizens because they are ways of change, “said the Prefect.

This work is carried out in coordination with the Municipality of Guano so that the work on the sewerage and drinking water system can be carried out, and subsequently avoid breaking when placing these works.

Wilson Moyota, president of the San Pedro Las Abras neighborhood, acknowledged that this work is a dream come true because “we have waited more than 40 years to have a road in optimal conditions, being victims of deception by previous administrations,” he stressed.

“It will be a first-class work, which will not only serve us, but also for all those who pass through here,” concluded the neighborhood representative.

It is estimated that the road will be delivered in November.