Chimborazo Prefecture carries out work on the Rio Culluctus Sicalpa – Colta Irrigation system

The Chimborazo prefecture, through the General Directorate of Irrigation, carries out lining works of 2 km of the secondary channels with the respective gutters, in the Rio Culluctus Irrigation System, belonging to the Sicalpa parish of the Colta canton, there are 138 users of 9 communities that benefit from these works, which strengthen the irrigation systems in 90 hectares of land for the development of agricultural production in this area.

Marcelo Alvarado, General Director of Irrigation of the HGADPCH, announced that the work that has been carried out in this irrigation system is very important because the water no longer seeps into the canals. “The full flow arrives and much faster, thanks to this management, we have reached where they have never been attended, thus supporting the agricultural sector that was abandoned.”

Avelino Lema, president of the Culluctus Sicalpa Irrigation Board, thanked the support given to this sector of Culluctus. “We are satisfied with the work that has been carried out here,” this channel was never attended by any authority but in this administration they attended to us immediately.

For his part, Víctor Ninabanda, a resident of the sector, explained that this area is highly agricultural and livestock, “I was really surprised by the speed with which the authorities of the Provincial Government have acted in the arrangement of the irrigation canals. to allow us to have water to irrigate our lands especially in summer time, to improve agricultural and livestock production and our way of life ”.

The works carried out in this Irrigation Board benefit the residents of the communities: San Jacinto, Rayoloma, August 20, Santa Rosa, August 15, Liglig, Sicalpa Viejo, Baquería and Gatazo.