Chimborazo Prefecture, committed to saving lives through voluntary blood donation

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of the Provincial Board, in conjunction with the Red Cross, participated in the blood donation campaign. The goal is to guarantee a strong blood bank in these times of pandemic. Remember that “donating blood saves many lives, but it also brings benefits to our health.”

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of the Provincial Board, in coordination with the Red Cross, carried out the massive campaign of voluntary blood donation, “Give the best of you, donate blood, save lives in times of covid-19” , in an uninterrupted day, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The citizens, who voluntarily decided to donate blood, attended the facilities of the Gymnasium of the Provincial Council of Chimborazo, located in the streets España and 10 de Agosto, the old building of the H. Provincial Council for the respective donation. During the opening ceremony, the president of the Provincial Board, Mariana Carrillo, highlighted that the Prefecture and the Provincial Board are always predisposed as institutions, concerned about the welfare of vulnerable groups. Carrillo said that, “the objective is to continue helping save lives, for this reason we collaborate with a grain of sand and we are in solidarity in this voluntary donation campaign.”

Meanwhile, Vinicio Chávez, General Director of the Provincial Board, indicated that it is extremely important to be present contributing to this noble cause, through voluntary blood donation, because they are actions that favor those who need it most. “Thanks to the Red Cross that has coordinated this articulation of efforts and joint initiatives with the Provincial Board. And of course to the support and leadership of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, who supports us unconditionally ”, he stressed.

For her part, Carmen Gadvay, vice-prefect, said that as a Provincial Government there is the best predisposition to continue collaborating in these solidarity days to save lives and to work with institutions such as the Red Cross, “thank you very much for your valuable contribution,” he reaffirmed.

The coordinator and promoter of the Red Cross blood donation campaign, Alejandra Albán, thanked the Board of Trustees for the collaboration, support and coordination and for having provided the space to fulfill the blood donation campaign, “we work to save lives and we understand that it is important, blood donation is a very simple and basic process that has no side effects, on the contrary our body improves health ”.