Chimborazo Prefecture completes the delivery of 250 sheep in the Tixán parish

As part of the “Socio-economic Strengthening” project, promoted by the Provincial Board, 125 sheep between males and females of improved breed 4M (Marín, Magellán, Meat and Merino) were delivered to the priority attention groups of the Pachagsi and Pachamama communities Chico, belonging to the Tixán parish of the Alausí canton.

In this way, the delivery of 250 animals was completed, in weeks ago the first 125 sheep were delivered and their condition was periodically monitored. The global investment reaches USD 54,050.00 (USD 216.20 each).

“This contribution is a grain of sand that is adding and helping the family economy of all communities; we are contributing to the productive development of the areas, today is a great day for farmers and ranchers.

This is good news for Chimborazo, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo. Of the total of 250 sheep delivered, 150 (75 females and 75 males) occurred in the community of Pachamama Chico and 100 (50 males and 50 females) for Pachagsi, benefiting a total of 125 families.

“The heritage of a rancher is cattle; raise, improve, reproduce the sheep that are being delivered, improve the living conditions of your children and your family, “said the provincial authority. Segundo Marcatoma, president of the Pachamama Chico community, affirmed that improved breed sheep are a great help to increase their family economy, with reproduction they will be able to commercialize them and also take advantage of the wool to make handmade garments.