Chimborazo Prefecture continues to assist affected people in the southern part of the province

The Chimborazo Prefecture visits the south of the province to help the parishes and communities of the Chunchi canton with bales of food for livestock, which were affected by the volcanic ash fall. Donations to the affected cantons, a research work is previously carried out in the territory by the technicians of the Directorate of Productive Development and Social Management.

The food delivery took place in the Llagos, Compud, Capzol and Gonzol parishes, belonging to the Chunchi canton, and attention was also provided with the mobile veterinary clinic to the livestock of these sectors.

Leonidas Lima, veterinarian from Fomento Productivo, announced that the support in this area has been very important, “what has been done today is to deliver the bales of hay to the 4 parishes of the Chunchi canton in the places that have been affected. The coordination was managed by the Director, Ing. Edison Campos, to have a better service in each of the cantons ”.

On the other hand, Fabián Bernal, president of the GAD of Llagos Parish, stated that “the situation is very difficult due to the fall of ashes, now that you are here we are grateful for the help you are giving us, especially to the livestock sector that in the lower part is where it is most affected ”. Thanks to Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, for this support, he said.

And the Chunchi coordinator, Franz Joseph, said that the prefect’s management has been from the heart to the people of Chunchi, parishes and communities. “There are 3 parishes most affected and today we are present with our people.”

The residents of the Capzol parish also received the contribution of the Chimborazo Prefecture, Susana Morocho, president of the parish council, mentioned that “on behalf of my people, I appreciate the management carried out by the authorities of the province, we will be delivering to all the people who need our support, all help will always be welcome because our people need it ”.