Chimborazo Prefecture delivers and installs an irrigation valve that guarantees water resources to 8 Guano communities

As part of the Alacao irrigation project, 1 stage, the Chimborazo Prefecture delivered and installed an 800-millimeter valve to guarantee water resources to about 1,300 users from eight Guano communities that are part of the Chambo-Guano Irrigation Board, Los Chingazos Phase 3.

“There are around 1,200 hectares that will have a new irrigation system (…) the process in which the construction of 7 kilometers of main canal is carried out for the conduction of 800 liters per second (…)”, said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

This is a work that the residents of the sectors have waited for more than 40 years, they were even forced to migrate because they did not have water to continue producing their crops on the land that they have obtained with effort.

“Now, thank God, with the water we can get corn, potato and everything that is given here (…) this will also remain for our children, grandchildren or other relatives who enjoy and work on the land,” said Julio Quisnia , resident of the Carrera Ambato community.

It is estimated that the main channel ends at Chingazo Bajo.

“At the same time, we have carried out the survey of the baseline and the diagnosis to reach 1,200 hectares with technical irrigation, that is our final goal, the prefect Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, is aware that these people have suffered too much,” explained Carlos Sánchez, Director of Irrigation.

The execution of the work will last approximately 6 months.