Chimborazo Prefecture delivers fertilizers and supplies in the Guerraloma community, Colta canton

Within the Socioeconomic Strengthening Project of the families of the priority attention groups in the Guerraloma community, belonging to the Sicalpa parish of the Colta canton, the Productive Development Directorate, through the Comprehensive Rural Development Unit, delivered 15 quintals of fertilizers and supplies to the Asociación de Productores Agropecuarios Vision Integral Colta Sicalpa (APAVICS).

The products will be used for nutrition and fertilization in the cultivation of vegetables, beans, potatoes, among other agricultural foods, on community lands, supporting 58 families and 15 members of the Association.

Months ago, the machinery of the Prefecture of Chimborazo plowed the soil in sector Cuatro, recovering 100 blocks of cangahuoso land from the communities: Guerraloma, Recen, Huiñatuz Chico, Cunambay and Sicalpa Viejo. In addition, green manure was incorporated, thus contributing to soil conservation.

At the event, Fabricio Jara, head of the Rural Development Unit of the Productive Development Management Directorate, indicated that, “thanks to planning, the current Administration thinks first of the people, turning its eyes to the field, supporting the farmer , giving them training, technical assistance, and most importantly, helping them to market their products with a new vision ”.

Ángel Yucailla, president of the APAVICS Association, expressed his gratitude to the prefect Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, “I am happy for the support to farmers who have low economic resources, before there was no support from the authorities of the Prefecture to recover soils that they were not used and today it is a reality in this administration, “he said.

For her part, Ester Cutiopala, secretary of the Cuatro sector, said that, it is the first time they have received help, the projects in the sector are a reality thanks to the solidarity of the Chimborazo Prefecture. At the end, Ing. Martha Chucho, coordinator of Social Management Colta – Riobamba delivered the products to the beneficiaries of the APAVICS Association.