Chimborazo Prefecture delivers powers to several parishes of the Guano canton for road improvement work

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, led by the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, Raúl Cabrera Escobar, mayor of Guano and Mercedes Chávez, president of the Parish Government of Santa Fe de Galán, signed an inter-institutional agreement on the allocation of budgets, which will be used for the carrying out works at the asphalt level of the stretch of road in the Norte – La Palestina neighborhood in the Santa Fe de Galán parish, with a total investment of $ 66,000 dollars.

In addition, the Chimborazo Prefecture and the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Guano canton, established an interinstitutional agreement in which the budgets of both GADs are brought together, prioritizing joint and articulated work, to carry out the Project of “Cleaning the streets of the head parish and community centers, through the installation of cobblestones, for the Immaculate sector – parent parish, Guano canton ”, with a total investment of $ 35,000 dollars.

Likewise, an agreement was made with the Parish Autonomous Decentralized Government of Ilapo to execute the Project called “Road improvement, from the asphalt road from Santa Teresita to Lalanshi section II”, Ilapo parish, with a total investment of $ 70,000 dollars.

And likewise, with Segundo Desiderio Díaz, president of the Guanando Parish Government, an inter-institutional agreement was signed in which the budgets of the province and the canton are brought together, corresponding to a work of “construction of ditches in the Tiopillo – Guanando section” , with a total investment of $ 50,000 dollars.

With the Parish Government of Valparaíso, a participatory project was formalized to execute the “Conservation of páramos” Project, which will serve for the care and protection of the water springs and the páramo ecosystem, with a total investment of $ 109,000 dollars.

In this way, the Prefecture of Chimborazo, the Municipality of Guano and each of the Parish Decentralized Autonomous Government mentioned, make the signing of inter-institutional agreements a reality, in which the budgets are brought together, as well as the highest interests of the people, represented in a civic and citizen act, demonstrated in the participatory budget assemblies that will allow the work to begin, and with it, reaffirms the common feeling of continuing to change towards the Great Chimborazo.