Chimborazo Prefecture ends 10 years of waiting for pending values with the Single Union of Workers

Through a press conference, the Chimborazo Prefecture, officially and publicly announced the cancellation of pending payments with the Single Union of Workers of the Provincial GAD, of a list of petitions presented in December 2018 against the previous administration, due to the breach of the Collective Contract signed between the Institution and the Union.

“Today, after having received the legitimate resolution of the competent authority; This is from the Chimborazo Labor Inspector, and the payment of this obligation has been carried out immediately, ”indicated Dr. César Robles, Trustee.

The amount that was transferred is $ 424,019.93, to the account of the Sole Union of Workers of the Provincial GAD, benefiting 90 workers.

“Article 220 of the Labor Code determines that the collective contract is a law for the parties that establishes the obligations between the employer and the group of unionized workers and has to be complied with, but, in the event of non-compliance, it gives them the right as determined Article 468 of the Labor Code, that the workers present their claim through a list of requests ”, explained Dr. César Robles.

Faced with the anguish and despair that unionized workers lived for 10 years, the Prefect of the Province, Mgs. Juan Pablo Cruz, promised to put an end to this problem, so in the month of August 2019, a mediation act was signed, where the fair right of the workers was recognized.

“The prefect has fulfilled his offer, we are not working for one person, but for the province in general, because as workers we feel the needs that Chimborazo has and we have committed to continue improving and changing our province,” said José Cazco , Secretary General of the Single Union of Workers of the Provincial GAD.

Cazco recalled that the previous administration had no intention of complying with the contract. “He simply said that he does not have to pay, that no authority forces him, because he is the first authority in the institution and that not even the Ministry of Labor can force him, whether he wants to pay or not,” he explained.

One of the members of the Union mentioned that this money will be used to get a little out of the economic crisis that is being experienced at the country level, there are colleagues who have been infected with COVID-19 and thanks to the Prefect, Mgs. Juan Pablo Cruz, with this cancellation they will be able to get ahead due to the high cost of medicines to deal with the disease.