Chimborazo Prefecture inaugurated 3.9 kilometers of asphalt on the Nizag Bajo road in Alausí

With the presence of thousands of people, the Chimborazo Prefecture inaugurated the paving of the Panamericana Sur highway, Quilliquín – Nizag Bajo – Phase 3, belonging to the Alausí canton; residents of the sector, local and provincial authorities, such as Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the Province.

After the formal ceremony, in the community coliseum, presents were presented to the authorities and the work contractor.

“We continue working for the development of the Nizag community, this route so longed for and awaited by you (…) now you will be able to transport your products more easily, we end those moments of anguish, such changing climates, all that has had to happen, live powder, it’s over, ”said the prefect of Chimborazo.

The road is 3.9 kilometers long, with a width of 7 meters, has a 2-inch thickness of the asphalt layer and its investment exceeds 360 thousand dollars.

“Thank you, Mr. Prefect for such an important work, your vision allows the entire province to continue to develop and shows this, today the inauguration of this road (…) we no longer trusted the authorities, but now it is a dream come true” , said the president of the Nizag community.

There are more than 2,000 people who benefit from this work, in addition, this road links Nizag with the entire province and strategically the entire country.