Chimborazo Prefecture participates in the solemn session of 96 years of foundation of the Chimborazo Sports Federation

The Prefecture of Chimborazo participated in the Solemn Session of the Sports Federation of Chimborazo that commemorated 96 years of institutional life. The event was held at the Riobamba Olympic Stadium, where authorities, athletes and special guests were present. In this event, Carmen Gadvay, vice-prefect of the province, was a witness to the recognition that the provincial sports matrix made to the most outstanding athletes of the Province

Alfredo Chuquimarca, delegate and in representation of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, greeted those present on behalf of the First Authority of the Province and pointed out that, “it is an honor for the Prefecture of Chimborazo to be accompanying you in this glorious day, which marks 96 years of the founding of our Sports Federation. What a luxury to be surrounded by so many sports legends and glories that have graced the name of our province in different national and international tournaments ”, he indicated.

Also, in this celebration of the provincial sport, a letter of commitment was delivered by the prefect of Chimborazo, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, in which it is stated: “The Honorable Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo, considering that the Federation Deportiva Provincial is the institution whose mission is; undertake, promote, investigate, establish, regulate and disseminate the favorable advancement of sport, in all its expressions and manifestations, it is the duty of the Provincial Government to pay tribute to the Sports Federation when commemorating the ninety-sixth anniversary of institutional life.

In this agreement, the Federal entity was congratulated for commemorating one more year of institutional life, forging new values ​​for provincial and national sports, in addition, the deserved recognition for the achievements obtained during this almost century of life was extended and it was made known that the Chimborazo Prefecture will continue to support physical development throughout the province.