The Chimborazo Prefecture officially presented the “Great Chimborazo Reactivation Plan for Productive Change”, the objective of which is to have a clear roadmap to face the Covid-19 pandemic without the productive sectors of the province being affected.

More than 2.5 million dollars are invested to guarantee that the productive sectors are not affected by the health emergency. With a consolidated plan in three macro aspects:

Agricultural promotion program: whose objective is to increase the productivity of agricultural production systems in a sustainable way, through seed production, agricultural innovation, sustainable livestock and aquaculture.

Productive development program: that seeks to promote the competitiveness of the main productive sectors of the province, by promoting entrepreneurship and credit, and the creation of commercial networks.

Tourism promotion program: with the purpose of promoting cultural and international tourism, articulating lines of action as members of the Chimborazo Tourism Management Committee.

In addition, the prefect Juan Pablo Cruz signed two framework agreements for inter-institutional cooperation. The first with Ana del Roció Coello Cascante, District Director of Agrocality, who will optimize the use of human and technical resources in carrying out animal health, plant health, and food safety activities.

And the second with Ricardo Topón, representing the Corporation for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Ecuador (CEIE), whose purpose is to promote entrepreneurship and innovation at the provincial level, through the SE PUEDE productive inclusion program.

Writing: Patricio Castillo