Chimborazo Prefecture presents 2019 accountability

The Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo, headed by Mgs. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, in compliance with the relevant legal provisions, through digital platforms (facebook and zoom), rendered accounts for the year 2019, according to the procedures carried out within each of the competencies. This great Change is called “Sowing the seed for the Great Chimborazo.”

The management report highlights the works of all the departments that are part of the institution; Irrigation, Public Works, Productive Development, Environment, Tourism and Patronage, which in turn are divided into 4 groups; institutionality, employment and work, water and environment and family and citizenship. The presentation highlights the work and commitment that the new administration 2019-2023 of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo has carried out its management, implemented new projects and improvements of works for the benefit of Chimboracenses, according to the budget assigned by the previous one. administration.

In Irrigation, mention is made of the works, placement of the concrete mantle in the Langos La Primavera sector, belonging to the Chambo-Guano system, modernization of irrigation in the Yuracyacu systems in Penipe, construction and improvement in the technified irrigation system of Puctus In Riobamba, closure of the reservoir in the Sector of Sablog Chico and in the Chambo-Guano system, the automation of the gates, placement of level sensors, monitoring of the catchment and maintenance of the channel and a protection wall in the intake were carried out.

In Public Works Management, the new North Access to Riobamba was built, which begins from the Panamericana Norte (before the San Andrés curve) and ends at the mesh of the barracks on Avenida Monseñor Leonidas Proaño, improvement of the asphalt of the broken road Las Abras de Guano, the Shabasñay road was paved in the Pumallacta parish and paving stones and curbs were laid in the Gonzol parish.

According to the Management of Productive Development, certified wheat and lupine seed were delivered, sustainable aquaculture and mobile agro-veterinary clinics were implemented to carry out deworming and vitaminization of animals.

In environmental management, the Life Fund was created for the management and conservation of moors, implementation of the campaign “Sow for Life Chimborazo” in order to deliver native plants and fruit trees to generate environmental awareness in citizens and reactivate the farmer sector, environmental permits for the operation of commercial and industrial and recovery of Cangahuoso soil.

The Prefect of Chimborazo stressed that all these works are “very good news for Chimborazo” and that there is already evidence of a Change throughout the province. “Here is the result of what has been done, from May 15 to December 31, 2019 (…), we are at the forefront because you have decided, we have also worked together with the 10 cantons and 45 parishes”, he claimed.

In accordance with current regulations and the resolution of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS), all steps corresponding to accountability were completed, and they were validated by two delegates who were present at the event.