Chimborazo Prefecture presents an agenda of activities for the month of Tourism “September 2020”

Through a virtual press conference, the Directorate of Productive Development Management of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, made the official launch of the agenda of activities scheduled for the “Month of Tourism, September 2020”, an event that was attended by the members of the Chimborazo Tourism Management Committee, the media and other guests specialized in the branch.

“September 27 is considered the International Day of Tourism and has had several peculiarities in recent years. Circumstantially, a year ago, we began to take a different path for the development of Tourism (…) through a tool that was not used, the Tourism Management Committee of the province of Chimborazo “, indicated Luis Falconí, Director of Productive Development Management.

In his speech, the official highlighted that, thanks to the articulation with the members of the Committee, the Prefecture of Chimborazo in 2019 for the first time in the history of the province, managed to present a global agenda of tourist activities September – December 2019, same which was launched in Quito.

“This inter-institutional articulation allowed us that our province, much loved, but unknown in the tourism field, in terms of its resources and programs, can go on to present a joint and constructed agenda to deliver better days for the Chimboracenses,” added Falconí.

On this occasion, the Chimborazo Prefecture presents a broad agenda of activities focused on reactivating the tourism sector, which, like others, has been hit by the crisis that the province, the country and the entire world are currently experiencing, due to the COVID19 pandemic.

It is not the only time that tourism has suffered harsh situations, the demonstrations that occurred in October 2019 also hit this sector, which is important for the economic revitalization of Chimborazo and the world.

“The approach to this agenda is extremely necessary at this time, because our tourist value chain is linked to accommodation, food and beverages; tourist operation, tourist transport and guidance have been very hit, both in the private sector and in the community sector, since this system is the first to have stopped and the last to be reactivated, due to the very connotations of the topic, ”Falconí explained.

This year’s agenda has been divided into themes for each week such as; photography and tourism marketing, history, culture and traditions of Chimborazo, activities for the reactivation of this sector, research carried out in tourism and new products such as bird tourism from the province of Chimborazo and on gastronomy.

One of the activities that stands out on the agenda is Sunday, September 27, the date that is celebrated on International Tourism Day, called “Destination Chimborazo 360”, in which, through social networks, videoconferences will be held by national experts and international, on issues such as; sports, archeology, anthropology, nature, history, among others.

The detailed agenda can be found and downloaded on the Chimborazo Prefecture website and on the social network (facebook).