The Chimborazo Prefecture through the producers that are part of the “Chimborazo Emprende Towards Change” fair, which takes place every Friday outside the institutional building participated in the “De la mata a la mesa” space.

This is one of the productive activities developed by the Chimborazo Prefecture, aimed at promoting the province in a planned way towards the change of economic model, through the use of tourism, handicrafts and agricultural production, which carry out minds and skilled hands of local entrepreneurs , which offer their products and achieve great acceptance of citizenship.

“They are challenges and alternatives for entrepreneurs, they open space thanks to the support of Prefect Juan Pablo Cruz,” said Carmita Ulloa, head of the Economic Improvement Unit of the Directorate of Productive Development of the institution.

In these spaces, agricultural producers, of smaller species, processed products, among other local entrepreneurs, market vegetables, fruits, processed dairy and prickly pear, trout, field eggs, etc.

Drafting: Diego Moncayo