Chimborazo Prefecture promotes work in conjunction with Municipalities

The Chimborazo Prefecture participates in the inauguration of the asphalting of the Monseñor Leonidas Proaño road in the San Gabriel del Aeropuerto neighborhood, next to the mesh of the barracks, a sector belonging to the Guano canton. This work was worked on in an articulated manner and in conjunction with the Municipality of the canton.

The Prefecture, with the machinery of the institution, carried out the removal of the deteriorated structure of the road, cemented a new base and sub-base so that the Municipality of Guano can place the asphalt layer.

“It has been compacted with equipment and machinery owned by the Provincial Government, avoiding economic outlays for the Municipality of Guano and then costs can be lowered. We have also made the boxing of around 230 cubic meters of concrete and the mesh of this channel ”, indicated Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect.

This road, Monsignor Leonidas Proaño, ties with the new North Access of Guano and Riobamba, built by the Public Works Directorate of the Chimborazo Prefecture, and which is about to be inaugurated.

“However, there is a quite interesting percentage of a section of this road, which still needs to be paved, but that is being assumed by the Provincial Government,” said the Prefect.

For his part, Raúl Cabrera, mayor of Guano, recognized the support of the provincial government for not sparing time or resources during the phases of the work, which the institution undertook.

“Being able to work together, gives its results, it is a work that the Municipality of Guano has really invested in the issue of asphalting, but the previous work could help us the Provincial Government,” emphasized the Burgomaster of Guano.

In this sector, about 400 families benefit, who dreamed of this work, which is now a reality, since the dust is not visible and the climate is more pleasant.