Chimborazo Prefecture reaches more than 5.000 families in Colta with organic plants

As part of the “Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo” campaign, the Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, delivered 1,710 native plants and 1,060 fruit trees to the Guangopud – Gatazo Regional Water Board, which comprises 9 communities belonging to Colta. Among the native species are: 400 myrtle, 500 pumamaqui, 160 cedar and 650 red alizo; while the fruit plants delivered were: 100 avocado, 100 peach, 360 taxo, 100 tomato, 200 claudia, 100 lemon and 100 apple.

“The campaign aims to green the entire province of Chimborazo, that is, to try to ensure that all parishes and cantons have an increase in plant coverage, which improves the air quality of all their territories,” explained Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Management of Chimborazo Prefecture Environment.

About 5,000 families benefit from the delivery of these plants; Manuel Ramírez, president of the Gatazo Chico community, thanked Prefect Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for the attention he provides to these sectors and recognized that as a young authority he is always willing to work for the Chimboracenses.

“The Prefect Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, as young people, has many ideas and with all the residents we are very grateful (…) we are going to take maximum care of these plants, because that way we will be able to get our products, taking into account that the lands of Gatazo they are very productive “, indicated the president of the community Gatazo Chico.

With this delivery the first phase in Colta was completed, at the moment the campaign is 55% complete, which has traveled the entire province.