Chimborazo Prefecture signs inter-institutional agreement with the GAD of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas

In the Solemn Session of provincialization of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo and Johana Núñez, prefect of Santo Domingo, signed the inter-institutional agreement with the purpose of activating the agricultural, artisanal sector, of both provinces. Through productive fairs, marketing the products of both places, and in this way, reactivate the economy of small producers.

“We have signed a letter document in which we commit to create spaces so that the brothers of the province of Santo Domingo can show their products, their entrepreneurs can come to our province and ours can go there. We are really breaking schemes to be able to join forces between provinces that have an interesting legacy and that have a vision of progress, ”said the Prefect of Chimborazo.

For her part, Carmen Ulloa, advisor to the Prefect of Chimborazo, stated that, “signing this agreement with the Prefecture of Santo Domingo will help us to work together in marketing networks between these two provinces. To raise our Chimborazo brand and that our producers have new markets ”.

“We are really an example of prefectures by uniting ourselves through an agreement and being able to work for our citizens and agricultural producers in marketing their products, between these two provinces,” said Johana Núñez, prefect of Santo Domingo De los Tsáchilas. And he added, “Thanks to Juan Pablo, prefect of Chimborazo, because he thinks about his people, the future and the productivity of his province.”