Chimborazo Prefecture socializes the progress of the delegation of powers to the Decentralized Autonomous Governments of the Province

At a press conference, César Robles, Trustee of the Honorable Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo, reported on the progress of delegation of powers to the Decentralized Autonomous Governments of the Province and the Director of Social Management, Hilario Naula, on the socialization that has been carried out in the territory.

It was clarified that in 2011 the Ordinance that regulates the procedure for delegation of powers to Other Levels of Government was approved, which has not been observed in requests for delegation of powers, and the current administration is signing agreements for the delegation of powers provided that the ordinance that is in effect is complied with.

“It is very important that the Decentralized Autonomous Governments identify the work to be intervened, be it rural roads, productive development and irrigation; as well as the corresponding budget, in order that the Prefecture, with knowledge of this request, can be compared and thus avoid double intervention and unnecessary expenditure of resources ”, indicated Dr. César Robles, Trustee of the Provincial Government.

“Every public official must be framed in the norm, and if the norm says that there is an ordinance that was approved in the full Provincial Council, it has to be complied with. The previous administration gave him the delegation of powers in a general way, without complying with the ordinance, that is the scenario that must be corrected ”, added Robles.

It was reported that, currently, authority delegation agreements have been signed with the municipal Decentralized Autonomous Governments of Guano, Guamote, Alausí, Penipe, Cumandá, as well as with the parish Decentralized Autonomous Governments of Cubijíes, Compud, Llagos and Pumallacta, complying with the provisions of the Ordinance. Other agreements are also about to be signed.