Chimborazo Prefecture will build a provisional pedestrian bridge for the benefit of nine communities in the Guamote canton

The Chimborazo Prefecture came to the community of Jatumpamba, Guamote canton, with 50 gabions and its own machinery to begin the construction of a pedestrian crossing that will benefit around 5,000 families.

Cesar Novillo, highway technician from the Public Works Directorate, indicated that this new work will have an investment of approximately $ 15,000 and will begin its work with the location of the gabion walls. “We will make the slope of a slope and we will build gabion walls that will allow us to have a base to support the pedestrian bridge; we will work with an excavator, dump truck and technical personnel from the institution ”, he said.

Construction work began for the connection between communities and settlers who live from agriculture, livestock and irrigation. Luis Delgado, beneficiary of Jatumpamba, stated that these are positive actions for those who make up the nine communities in this area. “Thanks to the will of the prefect of the province, today comes to meet this emerging need that will allow the connection with the parishes and cantons of the country’s provinces,” he said.

Technicians from the Directorate of Public Works carried out the technical studies for the viability of this construction and then begin the work, delivering the gabions and making the machinery of the Chimborazo Prefecture available to the public.