Agroveterinary clinics continue to serve the cantons affected by the ash

The agro-veterinary clinics of the Directorate of Productive Development continue to be activated in the face of the emergency caused by the ash fall from the Sangay volcano, to collaborate in the most affected places.

They went to the communities Pungal El Quinche, Pungal San Miguel and the parochial head of La Providencia, belonging to the Guano canton, where more than 200 head of cattle were treated.

Leonidas Lima, a veterinarian, stated that vitamins, liver protectors and B complex are being injected into livestock to prevent respiratory, digestive, eye and skin problems, and also highlighted the timely care provided by the Prefecture in these affected areas .
“This will serve to shovel the problems of these livestock that are affected by the ash fall,” he said.

For her part, Jimena Guerrero, member of the GAD of the La Providencia parish of the Guano canton, highlighted the help provided by the Chimborazo Prefecture, “our people do not have the economic resources to pay for a veterinary doctor, the care that the Mr. Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, we are more than 120 families who are very grateful for this help, “he said.