The Bellavista community of the Colta canton will have an improved road at the ballast level

The road team of the Prefecture of Chimborazo; backhoe, loader, motor grader, tanker, roller and four dump trucks, carry out road improvement work in the Bellavista community, belonging to the Coleta canton, which includes the completion of basic work, improvement of the soil at ballast level, with a length of 1.5 kilometers and an 8 meter gauge with natural ditches, benefiting 2,000 inhabitants of 8 communities in the sector to improve the quality of life.

“The basic work finish includes the restructuring of the road and the ditch, the ground that had a black earth finish has been improved with site material with a layer 15 centimeters thick that allowed light vehicles and vehicles to move around. weighed quickly and safely, “said Iván Vilema, a technician from the Public Works Directorate.

In addition to Bellavista, there are 8 more communities that benefit directly and indirectly from these road works, improving the quality of life for more than 2,000 inhabitants.

In several sections the expansion has been carried out (especially in curves) to achieve the full width of the track, the landowners agree to give up spaces for the benefit of the transport of the community members, mostly small farmers and ranchers, in addition to They have organized to carry out mingas and support the maintenance of the road.

Pascual Lema Remache, secretary of the Bellavista community, organizes the support work of the community members, removing stone material that does not go into the improvement of the road. “Before, the road was a quagmire in winter and dusty in summer and there was no way to develop agricultural and transportation activities between the Guiñatus, Cunanbay, Resen, Chiquicaz, Bayobug, Chamboloma, Telempala and Guerraloma communities. This road is a ring road that joins the Cajabamba population, ”he said.