Communities of the Guamote canton are served with road maintenance

More than 2,000 families in the Guamote canton benefit from road maintenance and improvement work over more than 40 km carried out by the Chimborazo Prefecture, in various communities in this productive area.

The first intervention is carried out on the Chacaza – Chanlor road, with a length of 14 km, thanks to the road maintenance and patching works, attending to the needs of the inhabitants of 7 communities that live in this sector; Another of the sections in which they are working is that of Guantug – El Tingo, belonging to the Matriz parish, in a distance of 13.5 km and 2.5 km of improvement at the ballast level, benefiting more than 10 communities directly; Finally, in the “Los Molinos” sector, the 4 km road improvement with ballasting and 6.5 km of maintenance is carried out.

“This is the sixth week that work is being done in the Guamote canton (…) so far some 40 km have been served between road maintenance and improvement, they will have roads that will allow them to improve the economy of the rural population of this canton”, indicated Betsy Altamirano, Public Works technician of the Provincial Government.

José Farez, resident of the Concepción El Molino community, announced that they have always carried out the procedures to be attended to and never had a positive response, however, now things were different, the support was immediate, to solve the road problems .

“This intervention was necessary because the vehicles did not go up due to the poor condition of the roads and that hurt us as farmers, by not being able to transport our products (…) today we are very grateful for the work that is being carried out in our communities,” he said Farez.

These sections, apart from uniting the communities in the area, also serve as a connection with the Cebadas parish, the cantonal head and the road to Macas.