With hubbub, Chimborazo lived the parade of the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun” in Riobamba

Between music, dance, artists, guest characters, culture and traditions, Chimborazo experienced one of the most important events on the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun” agenda, the 2022 carnival parade, being part of the economic reactivation of the province and the country.

The tour started from the La Dolorosa neighborhood, continued along Primera Constituent Street, until it ended in Brasil; more than 40 groups, foundations and corporations; artists, special guests and delegations from all over the province, participated in this party, with the economic boost of sectors, such as: event promoters, formal and informal merchants, tourism service providers, small and medium-sized enterprises.

“After not having had an important date to reactivate ourselves economically in a family way, today all Chimboracenses have settled in the main streets of Riobamba to enjoy the ‘Carnivals Closest to the Sun’, with the coordination of the parish councils, mayors and representatives of the different levels of government”, indicated Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo.

In addition, he mentioned that it is a joy to be able to share this type of activity with the Chimboracenses, which for years have been the representation of uses, customs and traditions of our interculturality. “Today, the Provincial Government continues its carnival festivities, imposing the brand of the “Closest Carnivals to the Sun”, with the participation of national and international dances, artists, characters, culture, tradition and hospitable people,” he said.

The main objective is the reactivation of the entire territory, as confirmed by Rosario Chicana, a merchant. “These festivities help us to reactivate ourselves economically, thank God today we are already working. (…) it has been very difficult, because we live from this, from the newspaper and also, that the profit is little; It is important to have these programs that reactivate us and allow us to bring daily bread to each of our homes, ”she explained.

For her part, Norma Isa, an informal merchant from Riobamba, acknowledged that opening these marketing spaces helps her support her family. “We want to reactivate ourselves 100% and be able to work, (…) as informal vendors, we are grateful, because it gives us commerce, work and we can feed our families,” she said.

Chimborazo receives national and foreign tourists, who participate in the traditions, cultural values and the entire festival of the “Carnivals Closest to the Sun”, thanks to the combined efforts of the public, private, community and association sectors, which make up the Committee Provincial Tourism Management of Chimborazo.