Construction of a lateral passage in Chambo, an alternative for vehicular traffic

Construction work continues at the asphalt level of the lateral passage to Chambo, which is being executed by the Provincial Government of Chimborazo, becoming an alternate route to reach the canton and other surrounding areas.

They are 3.2 kilometers long, the distance that includes this section, which helps to reduce departure and arrival times to the canton; This project directly benefits about 175 inhabitants and indirectly all of Chambo and Riobamba.

“Currently, to get to Chambo we have only one road, even when they need to go to other areas such as Quimiag, they also cross through this canton and sometimes there are problems that interrupt traffic (…) now with this project, we have become an alternative for those who go to Chambo or those who go to other areas and who do not necessarily have to enter, but rather take the highway directly to their destination,” said Washington Navarro, Director of Public Works of the Chimborazo Prefecture.

For the execution of the work, permanent socializations were maintained with the families of this area, who also donated part of their land so that the road can be built according to the technical specifications required by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works, an action that They did it voluntarily. “People are aware of the need for this stretch of road, they have ceded a certain part of their properties,” said Navarro.

The works are carried out in a technical manner, using the necessary resources to deliver a road in optimal conditions, the material that comes out is discarded in dumps, some of them belonging to residents of the area, however, inadvertently small particles fall into the edge of a creek near the area, product of the works.

“At the time of collecting the debris, it is normal for small fragments to fall, but it is natural when works of this magnitude are carried out,” he explained. At the moment they are completing the first phase of the project, which includes the finishing of the basic work, to later continue with the base, sub-base, wearing course for the asphalt layer, gutters and curbs, to comply with the design elaborated in the project.