Delegations of powers meet their objectives in the territory

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the delegation of competences for productive promotion, contributes and provides support to the GADs, complementing the technical assistance within their projects.

In this context, the institution verified compliance with the same with the delivery of 1,924 seven-week-old birds, in the Pachanillay community of the El Altar parish, belonging to the Penipe canton; 52 families were benefited with 37 pío pío chickens (33 females and 4 males each).

In addition, it was supported with balanced, antibiotics and vitamins, to strengthen the production of each of the families. Lourdes Mancero, mayor of Penipe, stated that the project “Strengthening the popular and solidarity economy – family production through the provision of minor species”, encourages people to have their businesses and improve the economy of families and their communities. “I thank Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, who, with the delegation of powers, makes it easier for us to carry out these projects and be able to serve our peoples,” she stressed.

For her part, Carmen Mariño Olivo, beneficiary of the delivery of chickens, thanked the authorities for this type of action, which benefits them in order to boost the economy of their families and start a sustainable enterprise. Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, stressed that the deliveries of chickens, balanced, vitamins and antibiotics to families, promotes economic reactivation, not only family, but at the community and cantonal level.

“We have been carrying out and articulating actions jointly that can benefit our families, throughout the province (…) we are evacuating requirements, either with the delivery of piglets, live cattle, calves, minor species, with an investment in productive development never before seen in the province”, he concluded.