Directorate of Environmental Management with economic reactivation projects for the province

The Environmental Management Directorate of the Prefecture works with a new structure for the productive change of Chimborazo.

Work is being done on 11 plans regarding the management of moors to intervene in the micro-basins of the province. The Life Fund, the Center for Environmental Monitoring of Natural Resources, biodiversity and natural heritage, soil certification and conservation, the Forest Production and Research Center that will operate in Las Abras, the Sowing for Life Campaign and the clearing and conservation of soils with heavy equipment and a mini excavator. Says Luis Peñafiel, General Coordinator of Environmental Projects and Cooperation of the Directorate.

To these plans is added the Comprehensive Water Management, which is dedicated to the monitoring of rivers and springs, also the monitoring of hydrometeorological stations, climate change and alternative energies. And as a transversal activity, environmental education at the provincial level. “There will be training for environmental leaders, an Environmental Video Library and the Center for Forest Production and Research,” Peñafiel stressed.

In each of these projects there is a person trained according to the relevant area.