Shobol Llinllín seniors are treated with general medicine, dentistry and physiotherapy by the Provincial Board

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees went to the Shobol Llinllín community of the San Juan parish of Riobamba canton to provide medical services in dentistry, general medicine and physiotherapy to the users of the “My Best Times” care unit of the inter-institutional project, “Home Care for the Elderly” that is maintained in agreement with the MIES.

Karla Novillo, physiotherapist and head of the comprehensive care unit “My Best Times”, announced that thanks to the predisposition of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, it was possible to count on the presence of the Mobile Medical Unit to attend to the members of the third age.

In the area of ​​physiotherapy, Novillo indicated that he had patients with low back pain, cervical pain, pain, both in upper and lower limbs, for which it was necessary to apply analgesia therapy, movements, electro stimulation and massage, “they require relaxing and decontractural massages that will help to have a better old age, “he said.

Luis Naranjo, dental doctor at the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, highlighted the socio-economic impact of reaching the territory to attend to vulnerable groups because the services are totally free, including the delivery of medicines, which are of quality.

“Patients do not have to travel outside their place of origin or leave their homes in many cases, because the medical brigade comes to their sector, to help families, because they provide preventive and curative medicine,” Naranjo explained.

The dental doctor also highlighted the work of community and neighborhood leaders, leaders of rural populations, “the importance of coordinating and generating strategic alliances to reach priority groups and low-income groups with the medical brigade,” he mentioned.