Timely medical assistance to the elderly in the San Miguel de Quera community, Cacha

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees provides timely medical assistance to vulnerable groups in the provincial capitals and rural communities. On this occasion, the medical brigade cared for the elderly and people with disabilities from the San Miguel de Quera community in the Cacha parish of Riobamba canton.

In general medicine, Santiago Pazán, during the medical evaluations to the members of the third age; found problems of hypertensive crisis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, intestinal infections and cases of bronchitis. He also took the opportunity to ask all patients to follow the recommended treatments and medical controls in the Health Sub-centers near their homes.

Luis Naranjo, a dental doctor, performed dental extractions and provided information on oral health, in addition, explained the correct brushing of teeth.

Miguel Toabanda, a resident of this community, said he was satisfied with the presence of the medical brigade of the Provincial Board, “God pay you, Mr. Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, it is always necessary for poor people to receive medical attention because we have many illnesses. our age”.

“Thank you very much for coming to my community, we are people who need to improve our health, I hope they continue to visit us, before they had forgotten us,” said Manuel Tapul, a resident of the sector.