Beneficiaries of the project “Home care for the elderly” receive specialized medical services

Beneficiaries of the “Home Care for the Elderly” project, coordinated by the Provincial Board, in agreement with the MIES, received medical services in dentistry and physiotherapy at the Mobile Medical Unit.

The members of the third age, belonging to the unit “My Golden Years”, of the San Rafael neighborhoods of the city of Riobamba and La Libertad of the San Luis parish, were treated by the dentist, Luis Naranjo and the physiotherapist, Vilma Montes , responsible for the comprehensive care center for the elderly.

Luis Naranjo stressed that the Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, is always interested in supporting vulnerable groups in the province, at the same time, he delivered several recommendations to maintain adequate oral hygiene.

For his part, Cristian Uquillas, a nursing assistant, proceeded to assess the vital signs of the people. In geriatric dentistry, several prophylaxis and dental extractions were carried out on the elderly.

Meanwhile, the physiotherapist, Vilma Montes, performed therapies, using physical means such as electrotherapy, massage and mobility, according to the user’s needs, with the aim of alleviating joint and muscle pain typical of the elderly and a relaxation and anti-stress therapy.

Also, the general practitioner, Priscila Calva, carried out home visits to users of the “My Golden Years” unit, with medical evaluations to carry out laboratory tests, auxiliary diagnostic tests and complete comprehensive medical care for the elderly in the Health Center type “B” of the Provincial Board.