Campaign “Sow for Life Chimborazo” delivers plants in Licán

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Environmental Management, through the Campaign “Sowing for Life Chimborazo”, delivered 2,000 plants between native and fruit trees in the Licán parish, Riobamba canton. 12 neighborhoods are the beneficiaries of this project in its first phase. The event was held on the Cuscús hill, Churo viewpoint, with the presence of Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

The objective of this campaign is to green the province and improve the vegetation cover of the soil. “First I want to thank you for your presence at this event of great significance for this parish, I am here to work together and selflessly, it is social and for the benefit of this population. As the Prefecture we are working throughout the province and Licán, the parish is taken into account in our projects ”.

“On this day, 2,000 plants are delivered, through the” Sow for Life Chimborazo “campaign, to 150 families,” said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

Diego León, president of the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the parish of Licán, thanked the Prefecture of Chimborazo for the work it does in this parish. “Thank you, Mr. Prefect, for coming to Licán and pledging your support to work for the most needy and vulnerable population,” he said.

Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management of the HGADPCH, when delivering the plants to the residents of this parish, emphasized that the main objective of this campaign is to take care of the soil. “A healthy soil gives us a healthy life, a sick soil gives us poorly nutritious food, that’s why I invite you to take care of our soil,” he emphasized.

I am grateful to all of you for the commitment that exists with its population, we are serving with great pleasure, we work on the maintenance of the roads in various communities of this parish, “the Prefecture is committed to the development of this population,” said Hilario Naula Director of Social Management of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.

“It is a joy for me this morning to have the presence of the first authority of the province, to know that we are always supported by the Prefecture. I want to infinitely thank Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for the openness he always gives to my parish, ”said Irma Urquizo, a member of the GAD of Licán.

The “Sow for Life in Chimborazo” campaign in Licán delivered 1,000 native plants: Aliso Rojo 450, Tilo 550 and 1,000 fruit plants: Manzana Delicia 200, Claudia Mango 200, Durazno Conservero 200, Limón Meyer 200 and Avocado Hass 200.

So far in the province, 111,450 native plants and 33,370 fruit trees have been delivered, a total of 144,820 plants.