About 40 thousand livestock are treated with the Mobile Agro-Veterinary Clinics due to the ash fall from the Sangay volcano

On Saturday morning, a large amount of ash fall caused by the Sangay volcano was registered in several provinces of the country, with Chimborazo being the most affected area, mainly in the cantons Guamote (strong fall), Alausí (strong fall), Cumandá (strong fall), Chunchi (moderate fall) and Pallatanga (slight fall).

This natural phenomenon directly affected livestock because the ash mixed with the grass eaten by livestock, which is why the Chimborazo Prefecture was immediately activated to attend to this emergency.

Technicians from the Agroveterinary Mobile Units of the Productive Development Directorate were deployed to the affected areas to apply reconstituents, liver protectants, vitamins, in order to prevent the animals from having side effects.

“They will also be helped with ruminatoriums, depending on the affectations they have in each territory and immunostimulants. With this we are going to avoid that the animal does not suffer due to the ash fall, on the contrary, we help it to recover and that the production of our producers does not decrease because it affects their economy, unfortunately, ”said Diego Calderón, a technician from the Directorate of Productive Development, who toured the communities of Guamote.

According to an established roadmap, it is planned to visit the affected sectors for three days, reaching an approximate of 50 thousand livestock attended to.

“We immediately received the alert from the Risk Management Coordination of the Prefecture and we are always ready for the immediate attention of the affected animals of the families that are clearly dedicated to livestock”, said Xavier Checa, Director of Development Productive.

Likewise, Alex Guilcapi, Risk Management Coordinator, participates in the meetings of the Provincial Emergency Operations Committee where the actions to be carried out in the affected cantons are established, at the same time, the damages are evaluated. “We are activated from the first moment, analyzing and executing actions in the territory,” said Guilcapi.

The Chimborazo Prefecture maintains constant monitoring and evaluation of the affected areas to carry out actions according to its competences, always working with social responsibility.