Mobile Agroveterinary Clinics provide care to affected livestock in the Province

The ash fall from the Sangay volcano affected several livestock in the Guamote, Alausí, Cumandá, Chunchi and Pallatanga cantons, which is why over the weekend an agro-veterinary medical brigade from the Directorate of Productive Development treated more than 324 livestock, including cattle. , sheep and goats from Pueblo Viejo, Aipud, Pachagsí and Moyocanlla, belonging to the Alausí canton. Respiratory, digestive, gastrointestinal, stress and eye problems were identified.

A second Mobile Agro-Veterinary Clinic also provided medical care to cattle in the Cumandá and Pallatanga cantons for respiratory and digestive emergencies in the Bushcut, Las Rosas, Jalubi, and Bayampamba areas. There are 2,000 cattle that have been administered vitamins, anti-inflammatories, liver protectors, antibiotics and serum therapy.

And another Agroveterinary Mobile Unit attended 1,200 cattle in the Atapo Santa Elena community, Palmira parish of the Guamote canton to cure problems and deliver medicines.

The Chimborazo Prefecture maintains constant monitoring and evaluation of the affected areas to carry out actions according to its powers, always working with social responsibility.

A route has been established to travel through the affected areas, reaching a total of approximately 50 thousand livestock that will be cared for.