Provincial Productive Council shares results and progress of actions carried out by the dairy sector

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, National Agency for Regulation, Control and Sanitary Surveillance, Agency for Regulation and Control of Plant and Animal Health AGROCALIDAD, Riobamba Agricultural Center, Ombudsman’s Office, Internal Revenue Service, National Federation of Milk Producers Ecuador, Pre-Federation of Milk Producers (Fe Por La Leche – CH), GAD’s Cantonal and CONAGOPARE, the same that make up the technical dairy table of the Provincial Productive Council, offered a press conference, in which they detailed the results and other advances of the actions carried out so far, as part of the construction of the provincial planning framework.

Some of the results include the operations carried out on artisan cheesemakers that do not comply with the established standards, the seizure of about 12 thousand liters of whey, 3,117 people were trained, it was verified that there are 936 producers of raw milk and the launch of the “More Milk More Life” campaign, launched by the Chimborazo Prefecture.

“We must emphasize that valuing our producers is important to know their daily work and that even so they are not able to collect just enough. How nice it is to know that all the institutions have come together with the same goal, ”said Edison Campos, director of Productive Development.

For the beginning of January it is expected to deliver the planning, according to the established parameters, stipulated in the meetings that the aforementioned institutions have held. Up to now, 4 meetings have been held, reaching 36 agreements.

“We must highlight the effort that the authorities are making, although much remains to be done, but they are all on the same path. The results will be seen in the future ”, expressed Luis Ávalos, president of Fenaprole.

The objectives of the “More Milk More Life” campaign is to increase milk consumption and value the producers of Chimborazo, another of the actions of the Prefecture of Chimborazo is the Emprende Chimborazo Fund.