The Provincial Board reactivated the technical table to articulate actions in the Eradication of ETI Child Labor in the Riobamba canton

The Provincial Board of Trustees coordinated the articulation with institutions for the reactivation of the Cantonal Technical Table for the Eradication of Child Labor ETI and Begging in Riobamba, as part of the ETI project, which is executed in conjunction with the Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion ( MIES).

The actions carried out by the Provincial Board in favor of this project are the family diagnosis (social report and socioeconomic file), psychology, through home visits, motivational talks and support therapies, promoters of special protection with family encounters, coexistence agreements and playful spaces and embroidery with the identification and awareness of families.

The objective of the Technical Table is to reach agreements and commitments between the institutions involved: Riobamba Municipal Police and Control Management Directorate, National Police, Dinapen, Migration, Devir, representatives of the Riobamba markets, Ministry of Education, Municipality of Riobamba and the Ministry of Social and Economic Inclusion, through its begging project.

Guido Cardozo, head of the ETI Project of the Provincial Board, mentioned the importance of being able to coordinate actions for the benefit of children and adolescents. “Our work is unattainable, in the pandemic this problem of child labor worsened, however, we seek to work in a coordinated manner with the institutions for viable solutions, make double efforts and more in December, which is the month with the highest incidence of child labor” , he said.

The representatives of the institutions participated actively in the problem and pledged to double their efforts to support strategic points, provide safety in boarding, through coordination between institutions, awareness, dissemination of the campaign “Eradication of child labor”, monitoring , accompaniment of administrative personnel, coordination for the transfer and referral of people who are in begging, child labor and street dwellers in cases of emergency to related services.