The ETI-Achupallas Project of the Provincial Council and “Paquito and his friends” join forces to eradicate child labor

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with those responsible for the multidisciplinary project of “Eradication of Child Labor” ETI, which is sponsored by the Provincial Board, in agreement with the MIES, together with the members of the play group “Paquito and his friends” of the Police Nacional, Chimborazo Subzone No. 6, in the parish head of Achupallas, held an event to motivate, participate and raise awareness about children’s rights. The objective of these activities is to eradicate child labor.

Estefanía Barreto, psychologist; Yessennia Ganán, social worker; Ximena Lliguay and Alexandra Chogllo, promoters, all members of the ETI-Achupallas project of the Alausí canton, are carrying out different activities with the contribution of public entities to reduce the working hours of children and adolescents and continue to raise awareness about the importance of compliance of their rights to health, education and healthy recreation.

During the participation of “Paquito and his friends” the need for parents to understand that children should dedicate themselves to studying and preparing for a better life, without working, as well as enjoying life healthily and without hardship, was highlighted. . Emphasis was also placed on citizen biosafety regulations regarding covid19 (correct hand washing, responsible use of masks and respect for distancing).

Guido Cardozo, responsible for the ETI project of the Provincial Board, thanked the families of the parish capital of Achupallas for their participation, at the same time he highlighted the collaboration and logistical support of the Parish GAD and the Political Tenure.