The project “Socio-Economic Strengthening of Families of Priority Attention Groups” strengthens the family and food economy of the Cumandá canton with the delivery of pigs

In the La Soberana farm, the verification, selection and approval of the 115 Yorkshire piglets that will be delivered to the vulnerable groups of the Guagal, Copalillo and Sacramento areas of the Cumandá canton, beneficiaries of the project “Strengthening Socio-Economic Families of the Priority Attention Groups ”promoted by the Provincial Board of Trustees.

Raúl Cuvi, technician in charge of the project, said that “the revision of the breeding piglets of the improved breed was completed” and then made the respective delivery.

It was verified that the pigs comply with the characteristics set out in the Project and in the terms of reference of the contract signed with the supplier, Cuvi explained, and indicated that everything is ready to proceed with the act of delivery of the suckling pigs, “we want to strengthen the economic part of the families with the reproduction of the piglets and guaranteeing their food security ”, he mentioned.

Meanwhile, Luis López, a veterinarian, confirmed that the technical specifications are met, “they have to adhere to the phenotypic characteristics, for example the color and white fur, pink mucosa, well-erect and pronounced ears, good poise, the nipples they must be symmetrical, they must not be less than 12 teats, that is to say that they are in optimal conditions to serve as reproducers “, he commented.

Gorky Cobo, Agripac’s veterinary animal health technician, is in charge of training the beneficiaries of the Pig Project in the correct care and handling of piglets, adequate feeding for their fattening and growth.