Delivery of delegation of powers to Llagos parish, Chunchi

The Prefecture of Chimborazo granted the delegation of highway authority to the Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Llagos Parish, belonging to the Chunchi canton. The document in which the agreement is signed, between the two parties, was delivered to Roiber Fabián Bernal J., president of the parish.

“Today the signing of the inter-institutional cooperation agreement was carried out, under the modality of co-management between the Honorable Decentralized Autonomous Government of the Province of Chimborazo and the Llagos Rural Parish Decentralized Autonomous Government,” said César Robles, trustee of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.

In the signing of the agreement, it was possible to consolidate that the Parish Government presented a request supported by the corresponding budget item and the work to be carried out according to that value.

“As stated in the ordinance, the Chimborazo Prefecture also maintains the supervision and vigilance that this agreement is complied with according to the clauses contained in the document,” explained Robles.

There are 7 thousand dollars of budget item that the Parish GAD presented in the petition to attend to rural roads during emergencies.

“We appreciate the opening of the Provincial Government by giving us this delegation of powers to serve rural roads in emergencies, hiring machinery according to the budget,” said R. Fabián Bernal, president of the Llagos parish.

There are 1,700 people who live in Llagos, who benefit from signing this agreement.