Seed and fertilizer delivery will benefit 991 women from the Alausí canton

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with the Coordination of Inclusion of Interculturality and Gender, delivered potato seeds, barley, organic and chemical fertilizer to 991 women who are heads of household in the Tixán parish, as part of the Project that will benefit 4 parishes from Alausí canton: Tixán, Sibambe, Achupalla and Guasuntos.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province of Chimborazo, said that this is the first time the Gender Inclusion and Equality ordinance has been executed, where “our daughters, mothers and grandmothers are part of the productive development of our province. Previously, projects were not carried out directly with women, this work has been carried out since the previous year, gathering information, locating productive associations, communities, farmers and women who needed an opportunity to produce from their territory without migration, ”he stressed.

The vision of the new administration is to work with 7 associations and 4 parishes, which aims to activate rural women, producers and entrepreneurs of the different cantons of the province. “Budgets are planned, generated, processed and executed by this new process of Change in the province of Chimborazo, for the benefit of workers, workers and farmers who are the ones who feed the population,” said Cruz.

Remigio Roldán, councilor of the Autonomous Decentralized Government of Alausí, said that, with the present delivery of barley seeds, potatoes and compost, in which food sovereignty is contemplated, the great changes for the development of Chimborazo are being made visible. “Thanks to the Prefect for the different interventions in our canton, we have spent more than a decade abandoned, but we are witnesses to the change that a hope is born in us,” he said.

Rosario Vargas, beneficiary of the project, stressed the work and the help they are receiving from the authorities. “Today we receive with great joy the barley seed, potato and compost to be able to work in the fields. We are very grateful to the Prefect of the province for this delivery, ”he said.