Delivery of supplies and material for the lining of the Chambo – Guano – Los Chingazos irrigation system

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Irrigation Management Directorate, signed the contract for the delivery of supplies and material for the lining of the channel of the Chambo-Guano-Los Chingazos Irrigation System with the representatives of the community’s irrigation system Santa Bárbara, Punín parish of the Riobamba canton.

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, said that in a first phase, crushed rubble, washed sand, cement and iron will be delivered to the places it needs, with the aim of covering and building the canal as appropriate. “With this we promote the positive change of irrigation in the province, we will be able to intervene in three stages with more than 12,000 benefited users. It is a productive system that generates economy and stability ”, he said.

The provincial institution will intervene in 18 points with around 30km in the first phase. The objective is to give a better service to the 12,200 users of the 112 irrigation boards in this sector. The entire system will intervene to solve more than 1,000 hectares in the province, “we are investing in people, the farmer, rancher, entrepreneur and the agricultural entrepreneur,” added the first provincial authority.

Jorge Tuquinga, president of the Chambo – Guano – Los Chingazos Irrigation Board, said that with the materials, the lining and improvements of the secondary channels will be carried out in 18 joints, which will allow optimizing and having the flow assigned to guarantee the production of this sector. “We are 5,000 users who benefit, 53 km of main canal and 7,253 irrigated hectares are covered, from the moment of management we have been working jointly with the Prefect, thank you for the support and commitment to work that allows social development and empowerment of people with works of direct execution ”, he stressed.

The project will have three stages of execution for the improvement of the largest irrigation canal in Chimborazo.