Gastronomic fair promotes community tourism in Chimborazo

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Tourism and International Cooperation and in coordination with the Corporation for the Development of Community Tourism of Chimborazo “CORDTUCH”, developed the Gastronomic Fair “Chimborazo closer to the sun” in the community of Pulinguí San Pablo – Casa Cóndor, with the aim of presenting the results of the training for the promotion of gastronomic tourism in the various communities of the 10 cantons of the Province.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, pointed out that these actions are framed in the promotion and promotion of tourism in the province. “We have trained colleagues from 11 communities in the province, we will continue in a second stage with more training where we will carry out the First Festival of Andean Gastronomy (…). We have a Directorate of Tourism and International Cooperation that will improve our living conditions, we have technicians in charge and international management for intercultural and commercial exchange and openness, ”he said.

“Now it will be undertaken in tourism, as an industry in Chimborazo, it has invested in communication products to sell tourism to the province, so that outsiders know who we are and where we are. Three specialized tourism magazines report the use, customs, legends, gastronomy, exports, handicrafts and our people ”, stated Cruz.

In the first stage, entrepreneurs, leaders and women leaders from 11 communities in the province have been trained: Calera Shobolpamba, Razuñan, Casa Cóndor, Chimborazo, Galte Laime, La Moya, Nizag, Tambohuasha, Calshi, Palacio Real and Wamanway, with the participation of 30 people who allowed work with their own products and according to their needs, in addition, sanitation, biosecurity, hygiene processes and professional treatment with added value to promote tourism in each sector.

Luis Falconí, Director of Tourism and International Cooperation, said that through the workshops they have worked with the products that can be collected and produced in each area, and with this, give added value. “It is a continuous process where the Prefecture will continue working with established programs in signage, training, service, commercialization processes, with all the arms of sustainability, it offers several projects that the institution manages,” he said.

Susana Ortiz, beneficiary of the Galte community, pointed out the importance of these trainings, which allow them to acquire new knowledge. “We have acquired more knowledge about gastronomy. My community, being new to tourism, has not had prior learning, but thanks to the Prefecture we have learned new and better things with our own product from our field, the preparation of typical dishes and the delivery of better customer service ”, He mentioned.